Precision Reservoir Modeling, Inc



Radial-X Simulator is the key software product of the company. It is currently a 3-D/3-Phase black oil/condensate reservoir simulator with the compositional and thermal features. This tool is different than other commercially available packages in that it uses full field radial grid which is automatically generated based on reservoir structure, well trajectories, and specified radial configuration around the wellbores. Its unique gridding feature and straight forward workflow give it the power of accuracy, ease of use and fast running speed.

Specially, this tool has the ability to simulate flow in fractured horizontal/vertical well nicely and smoothly, with good running speed. The width of the fracture grid cells is equal to that of the actual fracture, down to 0.3, 0.1,..., inch.

Currently, this simulator is being used and tested in a number of US companies. You may download from the following links for more information about this simulator.